An Update (finally)

So, I apparently took a long, unintended hiatus from this blog. I wish I could say it was because we magically got pregnant. We did not.

In fact, I’m feeling pretty darn hopeless. But, in an effort to keep myself going, I’m posting this update. If anyone is still reading!

1) We got a few results from the RE. It’s likely a combination of things – the tube blockage (he thinks it’s about 80% likely that it’s real), mild PCOS (mostly physical symptoms, my bloodwork was either normal or on the higher end of normal), and potentially some kind of polyp/fibroid. He couldn’t get a good look with the saline sonogram he did in August, and then we got busy and then it turns out we’re changing REs. I expect that a new RE will look through the bloodwork, and hopefully actually give us some steps forward.

2) I got a job. While this means we have more money to pay for treatment, it has also made actually starting treatment harder. Added to this, my RE did a couple of things that my DH, in particular, was not happy with, so we’re looking for a new doctor. My insurance from work kicks in in January, so once that happens we’ll do more.

3) I switched acupuncturists. I found one through a friend who works more specifically with women and women’s issues, and it seems to be helping. She, in particular, thinks it might be an issue with my thyroid so I’ve been taking some vitamins specifically for that. We’ll see how it goes, but they seem to be helping at least a little bit. I also have gone about 99.9% gluten free and about 90% dairy free. It seems to be helping me feel better, if nothing else.

4) I started going to a therapist. I needed someone to talk to about all of this crap plus other crap going on that isn’t related to this. It’s been good so far, after about five or six weeks, so I’m going to keep going until we either decide that it’s not helping or I’m okay in my life without it.

5) Thanksgiving was great in some ways, and really rough in others. Mostly, it was the social media effect – everyone posting about “baby’s first Thanksgiving” or “baby’s first Hanukkah” or “it’s my due date!” (seriously, two friends were due on Thanksgiving!) So it’s been rough. I try not to dwell, but it’s hard – I know it’s cliche to be depressed by social media. But seriously, people.

6) Hopeful for a new year. I’d love a 2014 baby. Really, truly. Please.

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