About Me

Married for five and a half years to the love of my life.

Living in a great city, The Big Apple.

Going to graduate school – I’m getting close to done, and pretending I don’t have to get a job. Also, the school health insurance is surprisingly good.

We are Jewish – and that will inform a lot of what I’m talking about. Not that it’s all I’ll talk about, but like any challenging situation, religion often comes into the picture.

We have “feather babies” – two budgies, Matan (gift) and Atarah (crown). Their names are Hebrew.

Looking to connect to others in the infertility community.

I have been off BC since March 2012, and only one (possible) chemical to show for it. Getting an RE referral at the end of this cycle, if nothing happens.

I needed a place to talk about everything that’s going on in my head related to infertility & TTC.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Now that I’ve found you via you finding me thanks to lost and found me thinks we can help vent to each other from across the pond 🙂 Good luck lady x

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